Everyone is expecting something from a modern woman. A family needs a happy and smiling mom and wife. The boss wants to see an effective and efficient employee. Society expects social activity and engagement from it.

And what does a woman expect from herself? Succeeding all this - and devote time to yourself. Is there a special secret to success? Yes! And it completely coincides with the main mission of the Center for Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine CPG: "Harmony of the external and internal world."

We use the achievements of modern science and offer innovative methods to achieve our goals. Essential elements:

Body detox
  - Injection rejuvenation techniques
  - Hardware procedures for face and body
  - Aesthetic gynecology
  - Consultation of a qualified psychologist

Our basic principles of work help us to achieve high results, significantly improve the quality of life of every woman and turn ordinary procedures into real magic:

  - Quality
  - Availability
  - Openness
  - Consistency

We do not expect anything from a modern woman that she does not expect from herself.

Find your harmony with CPG Center and enjoy every role in your life!

Our name holds encoded three main directions of our center’s activities:

C Cosmetology

“Paragon of beauty”–it is capricious and volatile, our aim is to always stay at the top of awareness about novelties and trends that would refine your beauty, prolong your youth and allow you to enjoy your reflection in the mirror. You are attractive and we know for sure how topresent it.

P Psychology

In modern world, while claiming mantles of a wife, a mother, a business-lady, a friend, a sister and a daughter simultaneously, we get lost in the ocean of challenges and stereotypes – and this is when it is important to halt to preserve and multiply distinctiveness inside yourself, develop inner freedom and take care about your state of mind.

G Gynecology

What is the key to well-being and confidence? Correlation of a woman’s health and her beauty is very delicate yet imperishable. Modern techniques of aesthetic gynecology help solve problems that just yesterday were causing women special discomfort.

Why we?
01. 01.

Upscale qualified professionals with years of experience are the pride of our center.


Individual complex approach to each visitor. We can advise what is necessary for you.


Your comfort during a visit to the center is our priority.


High-tech equipment, modern techniques and luxury cosmetics in the complex work on the result.

Our certificates and diplomas

Principles of work


Quality assurance

We responsibly control the process of each service.


Честность к клиент

We carefully select the services you need.


Result Oriented

We want to see you happy and satisfied with the quality of our services.

Only the best brands

Только лучшие бренды
Только лучшие бренды
Только лучшие бренды
Только лучшие бренды
Только лучшие бренды
Только лучшие бренды
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Только лучшие бренды
Только лучшие бренды

Our Team

Many years of work as a psychologist will significantly influence quality of providing psychological help and allow you to be yourself, sense yourself and find your own way in solving problems, get an experience of self-cognition, relieve stress and tension. The process of interaction will be gentle, without lecturing and judging, full of understanding and embracing.

List of services: personal sessions, work of the expert with children, Jungian psychoanalysis, gestalt and neurolinguistics programming, isotherapy, sand therapy, fairy tale therapy, play therapy and many other therapeutic art methods.

Kseniya Dashenko

Experience: 3 years

Victoriya specializes not just in aesthetic component of feet and hands but also in elimination of possible problems. Being a frequent participant of field-specific seminars and exhibitions, the specialist upgrades her skills on a regular basis and follows trends in the field rendering services, nail service and podology.

List of services: podology: nail prothesis, works with ingrowing toenails,orthonyxiausing Oniclip glue system; classic nail care services.

Victoriya Pracevitaya
Podologist, manicure and pedicure artist

Experience: 5 years. The expert has higher medical education with a major in anesthesiology. Along with 10 years of clinical experience.

She is trained in injection techniques as well as modern contour plastic surgery methods and practices them successfully. She also has practical experience in machine cosmetology, expressly work with diode laser and IPL device, Ultheraтм.

List of services: selection of a methodology for problem-prone and normal skin care; injection techniques, machine cosmetology procedures; modelling of age-related changes using contour plastic surgery and botulinum therapy; body contouring: modelling and body volumes reduction; lifting procedures with Eximia device.

She will find an individual approach and ensure professional care for every skin type.

Natalya Starchenko

Our receptionist will warmly greet you at CPG-Center to help you choose a procedure, scheduleappointments for future sessions, consult on the selection of gift certificates and home care cosmetics, provide information on duration and cost of procedures and treat you to a fragrant coffee or tea.

Natalya Kulikovskaya

Experience in the field: 18 years

She has clinical experience;a participant of a number of international conferences and seminars.
Possession of massage techniques: myofascial massage, ‘Maria Galland’ massage.

List of services: skin care procedures on Biologique Recherché, DMK Danne and Casmara cosmetics, proprietary methodologies of massage for facial, neck and cleavage areas, acne treatment, modelling of age-related changes using contour plastic surgery and botulinum therapy.

Nina Nesteruk

Experience: 8 years.

Natalya is a certified expert in various kinds of massage. She received training at The New World and Om Shanti massage schools.

List of services: Ayurvedic, Thai, anti-cellulite and sculpting massage, Hatha Yoga instructor.



Natalya Yevseyeva
Shcherbinka Galina
Master of manicure and pedicure
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