Diode and IPL lasers for epilation at CPG-Center

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Miracles begin 10-14 days after laser hair removal or photoepilation when the period of “seeming growth” is over, during which hair that was caught in the impact area falls out. Aesthetic effect is noticeable after the first procedure and it remains for an entire month! This is a desired reward for the efforts spent; even more so given that 20% of hairs will never grow back!

But you shouldn’t yield to the illusion that photoepilation or laser hair removalprocedure has helped you after the first time! It is important to catch next 20% of “spare” hair in the growth phase.

After 3-4 procedures patients are surprised to notice how much the remaining hair has changed: it has become thinner, lighter, softer and more inconspicuous. Besides, its growth speed gets reduced. While a break between the first and the second procedure is 3-4 weeks, between the second and the third it is 1-1.5 months and next procedures are performed with an interval of about 2 months.

Complete cycle of procedures ensures removal of 70-80% of hairs (90-100% for black hair).

Contra-indicators for laser hair removaland photoepilation procedures:

  • Fresh tan (1-2 weeks)
  • Skin inflammations, numerous pigment stains and birth marks in the area of impact
  • Systematic diseases, oncological diseases, cardio-vascular pathologies, feverish states (flue, ARVI)
  • Periods of pregnancy and lactation
  • Photodermatosis (high sunlight sensitivity)

Photoepilation and laser hair removalare normally performed without anesthesia. Sensations during the session can be compared to quick hot “snap blows”. The more fatty tissue there is under the skin (lower leg, chest, back, bikini area), the more comfortable the procedure is. Hair removal on the upper lip, chin and armpit areas is accompanied by unpleasant feelings but the session lasts no more than 5 minutes.

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