Non-surgical liposuction with EXIMIA HR-77 at CPG-Center

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EXIMIA HR77 is aunique Italian system. It uses patented international technology of ‘laserporation’ and ‘radio frequency lifting’.

EXIMIA HR77 allowsmaking skin surface smooth, firm and tight. It is effective for treatment of cellulites and body shape correction. The device allows comprehensive modelling of a body and aids liquidation of local fat deposits. It is designed for skin tonification and weight loss, non-invasive liposuction and creation of body contours without ascalpel.

LASERPORATION: impact of a laser creates micro-splits between the cells giving agents that destroy fat cells and dermal indurations an opportunity to get into the depth without the use of injections. Ruined fat tissue fills intercellular space to be removed from the body in a regular way – that is, with the help of the lymphatic system.

RADIOFREQUENCY LIFTING: it impacts the cells with expandable magnetic rollers and radiofrequency wave at the same time. Radiofrequency waves, sent by the device, warm up the tissues, increase massage effect, stimulate destruction and removal of fat cells. This allows modelling of a body shape without surgical intervention. Its main goal is to decrease volumes of fat and cellulites. Besides a usual radiofrequency lifting head, there is a smaller cap designed to work on hard-to-access places on arms and chest.

BIPOLAR RF LIFTING increases skin tightness, stimulates oxygenation, collagen and elastin production, collagen fibers reduction and removal of stretches and lines. On a young skin it stimulates fibroblasts for production of collagen and elastin. On a more mature tissue itcauses reduction of collagen fibers that lift tissue and make surface of the skin younger. Skin tightening helps remove stretches and age-related lines.

DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION is a new procedure that allowscarrying out controlled flakeoff of keratinized epidermis cells to give the skin elasticity and freshness, helps get rid of skin defects caused by excessive stay in the sun as well as scars and signs of acne; it also removes pigmentation and shallow wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion is a simple cosmetic procedure that performs gradual and controlled flakeoff (removal of dead skin cells) and peeling of epidermis that result in the skin looking younger, fresher and smoother.


The procedure stimulates formation of collagen fibers and accelerates growth of new cells in basal, deeper layers of epidermis – this means that upper skin layer naturally regenerates both visually (the skin becomes more homogenous in its looks) and structurally (the skin becomes tighter and more elastic). Removal of dead skin cells, on top of that, increases dermal absorption thatmaximizes effect from applied therapeutic serums. The procedure is painless and doesn’t have any side effects.

ENDODERMAL MASSAGE resembles classic manual massage, but makes it deeper and steadier by using a much more effective four-phase massage technique.

  • Removal of cellulite of any stage;
  • Removal of stretches and skin surface defects;
  • Tightening the skin and making it silk-like;
  • Stimulation of venous and lymphatic outflow;
  • Getting rid of swelling, relief of feet fatigue;
  • Special oils and gels used during the procedure restore turgor and exert beneficial influence on overall skin condition.
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