Ultrasound SMAS lifting ultera device

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Ultrasound SMAS lifting (Ulthera, USA)is a unique method of machine lifting that seems like a decent alternative to surgical tightening.

Currently numerous facial skin rejuvenation techniques exist however few of them can penetrate the necessary depth to ensure tightening effect (3D lifting). Skin tightening technique using ultrasound – Ultrasound SMAS Lifting – has this unique property.

An impulse during ultrasound SMAS lifting procedure penetrates as deep as 1,5-5 mm to reach the deepest structures on all levels thus ensuring maximum non-surgical skin rejuvenation.


  • Age-related changes, connected to ptosis
  • Loss of face contour sharpness
  • Sagging of soft tissue under the chin and in neck area
  • Cheek drooping and downturning mouth
  • Upper eyelid ptosis and eyebrows drooping


  • Rejuvenating effect
  • Soft tissue tightening after a single procedure
  • Face contour restoration
  • Noticeableuplift of cheeks and edges of the lips
  • Upper eyelid and eyebrows lifting

Main advantage is almost complete absence of marks of the procedure and minimal recovery period. You can perform it over a lunch break and get back to your normal life right after the procedure.

Ultrasound SMAS lifting is a procedure that has a pronounced effectthat builds up over 90 days after the procedure to remain for 2-5 years.

Advantages of the ultrasound SMAS lifting compared to operation are: safety, no need to apply anesthesia, no rehabilitation, no post-surgery cicatrice tissue and hemorrhaging, preservation of highlights of your appearance.


  • Pregnancy and lactation period
  • Diabetes
  • Systematic connective tissue diseases (scleroderma, systematic Lupus erythematosus etc.)
  • General contagious diseases and skin problems in the places of supposed treatment
  • Metal implants in facial and neck areas (dental implants, dental crowns, “gold thread” do not constitute contra-indications).

Age is not a contra-indication for the procedure.


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