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Winter is one of the most beautiful and unpredictable seasons of the year!

However, it is often unpredictable for our skin, too. It is this period when it experiences the greatest affect of external factors: temperature drops, wind, cold and “special” sun…

All of those exert ruining influence on epidermis: it gets flaky; microsplits emerge along with irritation and dryness.

Pretty often it bothers us and we deal with such manifestations on the face by own efforts. It is pretty hard to find a “perfect” product for each one because customary division of skin into dry, greasy and combined is rather provisional. State of the skin can shift even over a day.

This is why it is worth to trust professionals and professional internationally renowned and recognized cosmetics – DMK, BiologiqueRecherche, CASMARA – with the care. The brands our experts work with use only pure and hughly-concentrated ingredients in ther produce.

CPG-Center can help you solve your problems:

-dryness and flakiness in winter period

-acne, irritated skin

-age-related skin changes (wrinkles, loss of elasticity, ptosis)


-skin pigmentation defects.

We have things to surprise you with namely “prompt beauty” procedures, famous “Mother of the bride” procedure and lots of other things.

If time machine exists, СРG-Сenter is the one. Given constant care we will reverse the state of your skin to what it was like 5 years ago! Besides, our doctors will provide professional recommendations to take care of your skin at home.

It isn’t that hard to look young and glowing if you think through every detail.

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