We will help to solve the problem of onycholysis

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You had your nails covered perfectly… Gel polish is great to wear and you really don’t feel like taking it off…

But a month is over and the look no longer delights the eye.

You take off the cover to findhollows, pockets and scaling –synonyms for nail dystrophy called Onycholysis.


There may be several reasons for hollows between the nail and the nail bed: a hit of the nail plate, reaction to decorative chemical products, pointed shoes etc.

Scaling of the nail off the nail bed can become a reason for a fungal infection and pathogenic microflora penetration. Ultimately the nail becomes yellow, grows thicker, acquires an unpleasant smell and crumbles!! It is impossible to cover such a nail with decorative top perfectly, and even if it were, it would aggravate the situation – you’ll have to take off the nail completely to undergo a long-term pharmaceutical treatment, spend time and money, regularly debride affected nails, not cover it with polish, and forget saunas, gyms, pools and beaches.

You don’t have to save on your health to protect yourself and your near and dear from the awful consequences!

Podologist of the CPG-Center recommends:

—  to undergohygienic pedicure once in three weeks

—  to wear polish / gel polish cover for three weeks maximum

—to stick to regular feet hygiene

—  to disinfect footwear once in 4-6 weeks

— not to walk barefoot in public places.


Have you noticed changes in your nails?! Hollows/ yellowness/ discomfort while you walk? Hurry to get an appointment with us – and your feet will be back to normal!

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