When does a kid help of a child psychologist?

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Our expert specifies most common reasons for parents’ concern and a necessity to consult with an expert:

Kid’s aggression. Cruelty towards other children, adults, animals, aggressive damage of toys and other objects is a sign that it is better not to put off counselling.

Childhood fears. These fears are not just fantasies that parents themselves can make wear off any more. They prevent a kid from feeling good, develop without concerns and communicate. The child doesn’t have control over these fears any more, and nor do the parents. Sometimes the fears may not be that serious – but piled up in abundance so psyche of a child simply cannot bare the load.

Conflicts. Conflicts with the parents, peers, a tutor, a teacher that don’t get solved or they seemingly do but reoccur. Such conflicts may result is demonstrative behavior of a child, protests, poor academic performance, depressive behavior, disobedience, lack of desire to establish contact with you, lack of desire to attend an establishment. In such cases counselling can become an objective solution.

Stresses. A child’s psyche isn’t always able to cope with first life stresses even with the help of parents. Divorce of parents, death of a family member, domestic violence, and abirth of a new child – these are the reasons to turn to a child psychologist. If there are stresses that can be predicted, parents should consult a child psychologist on how to prepare a kid to them.

Academic underperformance. This reason becomes relevant in terms of getting counselling if it arises given a child’s diligence and presence of obvious components required for good results yet lack thereof. This doesn’t relate just to studies but also to development. If you do your best to stimulate speech development with exercises and both logopedist and otolaryngologist do not find their field-specific reasons for the disorder, it is possible that an unfavorable psychological environment is formed around the child, and nervous breakdown may be the case.

A child’s behavior that parents cannot comprehend. Should there be no way to understand, where certain reactions or actions of a child come from, counselling can become a starting point. Somatic diseases are a pretty common reason that provokes unusual behavior of a kid. Or maybe, quite the opposite, the child is unusual in his or her mindset and is just looking for acceptable ways to put own talent or capabilities into practice.

While working with the children, our psychologist Kseniya Dashenko will help a child realize and freely express own desires and needs. This will happen during their artistic activities (drawing, molding, telling of stories and fairytales, performing sketches, creating worlds on a sand field etc.) because that is what feels near for a child, what is most often used to express feelings and experienced emotions. In the process of interaction a special space gets created where a kid uncovers his or her inner world and true feelings, becomes more flexible in behavior, able to freely choose, make decisions and many other things. The child acquires new emotional experience without evaluation or punishment along with resources to react in a new way.


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