When to turn to a psychologist?

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You have to agree that complicated periods happen in our lives when powers run low and common methods to relax and rest no longer help, support of near and dear is not enough and advice of friends prove ineffective. These are the exact periods when you should turn to a psychologist.

By avoiding mentoring, trusting your judgement and getting completely involved in the process, a psychologist will help you treat yourself and your needs more attentively. You will be able to feel, hear and understand what is going on inside you, to manifest yourself corporally, emotionally and socially in a safe space. This space gets formed and felt as soon as after first meetings. During them acquaintance normally takes place. You tell what you have come with and what you expect. The psychologist asks clarifying questions, tells a bit about own methods of work. This is how a contact is initiated in a casual atmosphere.

One session may be enough to go on with the path independently, or more time may be required – everything is person-specific.

Anyway, it would be nice to clarify frequency of sessions, what period is acceptablefor cancellation notice or any other alternations in cooperation for the both parties, information confidentiality and everything that will help you feel positive about the choice of the specialist.

Experts, who have many years of counselling experience, workat CPG-Сenter.

Psychologists will help you and your children:

— improve relations between the kid and the parents;

— solve problems at school or kindergarten;

— figure out your state;

— trace limiting beliefs and transform them into the ones acceptable for you;

— determine goals and means to overcome obstacles on the way to them;

— find additional resources, power capacities inside you;

— liberate from psychological constraints, anger, jealousy, fears, nervous tension etc.

— boost confidence;

— improve relations with yourself and the world around;

— solve conflict situations;

— express yourself, your thoughts, emotional experience, feelings and sensations;

— uncover your artistic potential;

— sort out other requests.

If you are ready to make the first steps towards reformed life, call us and our receptionists will help you pick a convenient date and time.

Duration of the first session is 60 minutes. Duration of further sessions can be altered and discussed with the psychologist due to a number of objective reasons.


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