The philosophy of BiologiqueRecherche skin care products is authenticity and harmony. All products meet the following criteria:

High concentration (in most products – more than 20%, and in some – up to 80%) and a high degree of purification of extracts of plant, marine and biological origin.

Absence of artificial fragrances and chemical dyes in order to avoid allergic reactions and for the preservation of products formulas.

Compliance of product formulas with original structures of active ingredients through the use of “cold” production technology.

Only high quality ingredients that meet the high requirements of the brand.

The ideology of the French brand BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE is naturalness, environmental friendliness and efficiency.

Each product brand combines from 20% to 80% of extracts of natural origin. Basically, it is plants and seaweed. All the features and benefits of the extracts are preserved thanks to the mechanism of the “cold” technology.

The company BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE has become one of the flagship of cosmeceuticals, the effectiveness of which has been proven by medical research. And this is without the addition of fragrances and hazardous chemical elements.

We will help you to choose personal care products so that you can enjoy the beauty and health of your skin!

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