DMK is a professional cosmetics line based on enzyme therapy (USA).

Cosmeceuticals is intensive cosmetics, productswhich are multifunctional, contain active substances, the effectiveness of which is proved by scientific methods (professional products, home prescriptives, innovative formulas, DMK Alpha range) –total of 90 formulas.


  • Ingredients of pharmaceutical quality
  • Does not contain perfumes and dyes, non-comedogenic
  • DMK products, both for home and professional use, created using ingredients of botanical origin, such as fruits, stems, roots, bark, etc.
  • Transdermal creams and delivery system (30% saving compared to others)
  • Not available in supermarkets, stores and pharmacies. Sold only in certified cosmeticscentres (by prescription from a cosmetologist)
  • Used for medical treatment: all types of aesthetic pathologies and various dermatological problems
  • DMK’s revolutionary 4-step concept, respecting which you will obviously get the result (remove, rebuild, protect and maintain): no skin types – there is only skin condition!
  • Compatible with professional equipment and injections.
  • Possible to use beforeand after plastic surgery


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