Since recent times, a real evolution happened in the world community, when nail aesthetics and medical care have united into onesphere called “podology”. Professional care for healthy feet, and problematic feet treatment became possible owing to German innovations in the 60s of the 20th century, namely the introduction of an equipment for pedicure andpodo-pedicure. Technologists from Germany have proven that even the most problematic feet can be not only healthy, but also beautiful. European countries enthusiastically accepted the discovery of German scientists, since podiatrytechnology has an important advantage. Hygiene and disinfection with podo-pedicure is qualitatively different from traditional trimming pedicure. In this regard, most EU countries have banned classic pedicure.

The creators of the field of podology initially set high standards for performing procedures with podoequipment. One of the first relevant cosmeceuticals was BAEHR cosmetics. An entrepreneur from Hamburg, Gustav Baehr, ​​in 1949 created ae enterprise for production of high-quality cosmetics for podology. From the first day of production to the present day, it has been observing high-endquality standards. This is confirmed by ISO certification (9001: 2008, 13485: 2010), which means for you: constant control and quality improvement.

Constant implementation of scientific innovations and use of highly active natural components have become the key to the perfection of cosmetics for the care of feet and hands. The product rangePediBaehr allows everyone to work effectively with podology eliminating all feet problems.

Now you can use professional cosmetics at home, thus consolidating the result achieved byexperts of our centre.


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