The offer from the German manufacturer PearlShine is a multifunctional product (pearl powder), which also has the ability to whiten teeth. In just a few weeks of use, tooth enamel will become lighter by several shades. But there is more!

Heavy smokers will be interested to know that pearl powder, which is not difficult to buy in Kiev, will help get rid of the smell of cigarettes. Unpleasant smell disappears after a couple of minutes during brushing.

Yellowish tooth enamel is a sign of pigmentation and plaque. This problem occurs due to use of food dyes (coffee, tea, drinks) and significantly affects the whiteness of teeth. Using pearl powder, it is possible to quickly and gently remove plaque and pigment spots.

Strengthening and restoring enamel using powder is a great idea given the properties of the product. Teeth become not sensitive to temperature changes. For this and other purposes, you can buy pearl powder by ordering from our administrator. However, it is necessary to adhere strictlyto recommendations on the use of powder, since wrong application may lead to the opposite effect.

500 UAH


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