What is an electrostatic lymphatic drainage massage? Electrostatic lymphatic drainage massage is a pleasant hardware-based skin care produced using electrostatic pulses using the IONTO-SKIN REGULATOR No. 1.

How it works? During the procedure, the cosmetologist’s hands in special semiconductor gloves produce lymphatic drainage movements on the skin. This is accompanied by sensations of pleasant vibrations, warmth, relaxation. The procedure improves skin nutrition and saturates with oxygen, tones the muscles of the face, including the smallest muscle bundles. This contributes to lifting, clear lines of the oval, reducing swelling. The face looks fresh, fit, well-groomed. Good procedure before the meeting.

Is it possible to make such a procedure a course? Yes, the course of electrostatic lymphatic drainage massage procedures supports the oval of the face and cheekbones, straightens the face. In the procedure, the cosmetologist pays attention to the back of the neck and shoulders what gives rest and a balance of balance for every day.

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