What is IPL-epilation? Epilation IPL is an effective procedure for removing unwanted hair using a broadband pulsed light source. Such rays reach the root of the hair, damaging it and stopping the growth of new hairs.

How is IPL different from classic epilation? IPL epilation has several important advantages: hair growth after the procedure slows down 2-3 times in comparison with the classical method, and as a therapy, 4-6 sessions are enough to completely slow down hair growth. In addition, a huge plus of the IPL laser is that procedures with it are much more comfortable.

Does IPL remove white hair? There is a huge myth that laser and IPL procedures are able to get rid of light hairs. But the truth is that today there simply are no devices capable of this. The method of action of any laser itself is to “detect” dark hairs on fair skin (for this reason, by the way, any laser procedures are not recommended after active tanning). IPL hair removal in Kiev is a comfortable procedure with many advantages. And CPG Center specialists are always happy to help you in solving all aesthetic problems!