What is IPL photorejuvenation? Photorejuvenation using the IPL apparatus is a laser dermal rejuvenation procedure that allows you to suspend and eliminate age-related skin changes: loss of tone, wrinkles, ptosis.

What is the principle of photorejuvenation? A special photo-nozzle on the IPL device produces powerful light rays that destroy the pigment cells of the dermis. At the same time, the power and depth of exposure are regulated. Under the influence of light, “youth cells” awaken, triggering the regenerative properties of the skin.

How many procedures are needed for a noticeable result? The result manifests itself fully in a week after the first photorejuvenation procedure. After an individual consultation, a CPG Center specialist will be able to prescribe the necessary number of procedures to achieve your desired result. IPL photorejuvenation (in Kiev, by the way, there are very few devices capable of real results) is a painless, quick and effective way to stop time for your beauty.