What is non-surgical liposuction? Liposuction without surgery has become a reality due to innovative technologies. Almost every girl sooner or later heard about such methods as pressotherapy, radiolifting, apparatus massage. Eximia’s uniqueness is that this procedure includes several effective techniques at once due to various nozzles and modes.

What is the operating principle of the EXIMIA? How long does the procedure take? A session for one zone lasts 30 minutes and is divided into several stages:

  • diamond microdermabrasion: a stage due to which it is possible to get rid of stretch marks, skin imperfections, achieve the effect of silkiness and shine;
  • laseroporation: at this stage, an imitation of active training takes place – with the help of a laser, the deepest layers of fat cells are affected, as a result they are destroyed and are preparing to leave the body;
  • endomassage: the next step is a vacuum massage that actively tightens the skin and promotes the removal of broken deposits and excess fluid from the body, and in addition, it restores the correct lymph flow, preventing the appearance of a “pocket” in which new deposits could accumulate;
  • radiolifting: at the third stage, deposits stimulated by a laser are exposed to electromagnetic and radio waves, which doubles the effect of laser radiation.

What effect should be expected from a course of procedures? The course of the procedure on the EXIMIA apparatus is not only able to save 6 cm in volume, but also visibly tightens the skin, eliminating cellulite, loss of tone and stretch marks. In Europe, the course on the EXIMIA apparatus is called the “Figure in 7 Days”.

What is the duration of the course? The exact number of procedures necessary to achieve the optimal result is prescribed by our esthetician. On average, it is from 7 to 10 procedures – depending on the source data and the desired result. However, from our experience, we can confidently say: the most effective figure correction in Kiev is liposuction without surgery using EXIMIA.