It’s very easy to cleanse, strengthen, energize and balance the body with the help of special droppers in CPG Center. This procedure improves not only the quality of your life, but also the condition of the skin and body. It also helps to deal effectively with age-related changes. We offer 4 directions:

  • DETOX: A course of cleansing the body from toxic substances
  • ENERGY: Raising the tone of the body
  • HEALTHY VESSELS: Vascular and circulatory system cleansed to prevent congestion

Each course consists of 5-10 droppers. The composition of each dropper was developed by our antiage therapist based on domestic, German and American drugs.

We want to emphasize! Do not trust specialists who suggest taking a course of droppers without consulting a therapist and medical control. Before the appointment of droppers at CPG Center, each client undergoes a consultation with a therapist, and also receives a referral for analysis (you can take them in any laboratory convenient for you or in the laboratory according to our recommendation). The appointment of an effective and safe course is possible only after reading the results of the analyzes by the therapist. In the future, if necessary, during the course, the specialist individually adjusts the program. In addition, an experienced nurse is present with each client at each dropper procedure. This helps to avoid side effects and gives a guarantee of safety. Our beauty stems from the established and proper functioning of our body. Do not risk your health with unproven means and unreliable specialists! We are always glad to see you at CPG Center to solve all your tasks to improve the quality of life!