One of the main causes of malfunctions in the body, which entail problems with the skin, metabolism, and a number of other unpleasant side effects, is stress. Therefore, everyone needs to throw off unnecessary excitement from time to time, find peace and recharge with positive energy.

Floating is a unique procedure for relieving stress and fatigue, gaining peace and confidence. During the session, you gently sways on invisible waves, enveloping you with a feeling of light ease. Psychologists say that this is akin to the feelings that we experienced before birth. In addition, CPG Center proposes to combine a relaxing floating session with a consultation from a psychologist. The relaxing effect of floating immerses in an environment of complete tranquility. This restores a sense of security disturbed by stress. At the same time, the professional approach of a psychologist will help you not only to identify the sources of stress, but also to find ways to deal with it in everyday life. Our confidence comes from within. Set yourself up for happiness with CPG Center!