What is hydromassage? Hydromassage is a balneological procedure, during which strong streams of water are concentrated on problem areas to tone them, relieve swelling, and improve blood circulation.

Is this a SPA procedure? Yes, but not only. First of all, our aesthetists would characterize hydromassage as an effective way to correct the figure, combat puffiness, relieve stress and clamps. Thus, hydromassage has a wide range of effects, which is not limited to relaxation, but certainly contributes to it. In addition to traditional hydromassage, CPG Center also offers THALGO hydromassage – the procedure is performed using high-quality cosmetics based on seaweed. Enhancing the effect 2.5 times! CPG Center offers procedures that take place in perfectly sterile and comfortable conditions. Conducted by their experts with experience of 8 years in their field and medical education.