What are body wraps? Body wraps are an effective skin care procedure to combat skin imperfections, improve its relief, remove toxins and fight cellulite.

What are body peelings? Body peelings are the best way to ensure that the skin always remains smooth, toned and velvety.

How do peelings and body wraps work? Due to the external effect of active substances on the skin, toxins are broken down, affecting its quality and relief, keratinized skin cells are exfoliated, and moisturizing and recovery processes are launched.

Do you need body care all the time? CPG Center aesthetists are always happy to help you choose express courses for quick results and long-term care courses for a lasting effect. In addition, the use of body care in combination with hydromassage and / or non-surgical liposuction procedures on the EXIMIA apparatus has proven itself well.