What is botulinum toxin? Botulinum therapy (popularly known as “Botox”) is an injection method for smoothing wrinkles with botulinum toxins. Botulinum toxin is a type A neurotoxin that blocks neuromuscular transmission.

What is the principle of its action? Botulinum toxin acts locally and causes muscle relaxation. It acts precisely on the muscle into which the drug is injected. Most often, botulinum toxin smooths wrinkles on the forehead, in the interbrow area, around the eyes (the so-called “crow’s feet”).

What are the risks and side effects of rehabilitation? Botulinum toxin does not have a systemic side effect. Short-term side effects that occur less frequently include drooping eyelids, eyebrows, and corners of the mouth. It depends on the quality of the drug and the skill of the specialist who conducts the procedure.

How long does the effect last? This procedure is temporary, so it is worth repeating it every 3-5 months.

What is the advantage of this method over the others? Botulinum therapy is an effect on the cause of wrinkles: our facial habits, slight “fatigue” of the facial muscles. Therefore, it gives a quick, safe and good effect.

  • The real effect, which lasts from 3 to 6 months
  • Complete safety through the use of the most reliable products and the high qualifications of our specialists
  • Lack of a rehabilitation period – redness in the injection area lasts up to an hour after the procedure

In addition, another use of botulinum toxins is the treatment of hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating. Consultation before the procedure and the selection of the drug for free!