What is mesotherapy? Mesotherapy – the introduction of a special therapeutic cocktail that stimulates the ideal balance of collagen and hyaluronic acid production at the cellular level.

How it works? The deep introduction of a therapeutic cocktail allows not only to “awaken” and generate new youth cells, but also nourishes the skin with missing trace elements and vitamins, eliminating its aesthetic imperfections – pigmentation, acne, post-acne, rosacea, etc.

How is the procedure going? After an individual consultation and examination by a cosmetologist, the necessary components are selected for a therapeutic cocktail. All preparations are opened and mixed exclusively in the presence of the client. At this time, local anesthesia is applied to the selected areas (face / neck / decollete), which will make the procedure quite comfortable. Next, the doctor injects into the necessary zones.

How many procedures are necessary for a lasting effect? Our specialist will be able to accurately answer this question after an individual consultation. However, usually a course of mesotherapy consists of 2-4 procedures, depending on the desired effect and the initial condition of the skin.

Why mesotherapy? Mesotherapy is an effective and efficient skin care, the main advantage of which is the individual selection of treating and care components.

Mesotherapy for hair. Equally effective is the use of mesotherapy for the scalp. Therapeutic cocktail:

  • prevents and treats hair loss
  • stimulates the growth of new bulbs
  • strengthens hairs at the stage of their growth
  • effectively treats thinning of hair, their lifelessness and dullness.