What is volumetric modeling? Volumetric modeling is a non-surgical way to correct the contours of the face and lips. Using high-quality fillers it is possible to give the needed shape to the cheekbones, cheeks or lips. And today, thanks to the high professionalism, CPG Center specialists have made it possible to correct the nose with filler.

How it works? A special substance based on hyaluronic acid is introduced into the needed zones, filling them from the inside and giving them the required volume. In the CPG Center you can choose from eight fillers at once, the originality of which is confirmed by certificates (Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse).

How is the procedure going? At an individual consultation with a cosmetologist, the client and specialist are determined with the necessary filler and its quantity. After local anesthesia is performed, the filler is introduced in the required area. Moreover, the end result is obvious 2 days after the procedure.

How long does the effect last? The filler maintains volume for 6-8 months, after which it dissolves on its own.

I am afraid to achieve a negative result with the help of volumetric modeling. Unfortunately, such situations are not so rare. Most often, due to the choice of a specialist without the necessary qualifications, a non-original drug (or a banal expired), the procedure in non-sterile conditions. At CPG Center, the procedure is carried out only by experienced specialists with clinical experience, and all sessions are held under perfectly sterile conditions.